Our experienced and highly skilled staff allow us to provide outstanding automation services to clients across the globe. From assembly or product handling to packaging and palletising, whatever the brief, we’ll be ready to bring your project to life in a modern, highly efficient way. By automating unfavourable or repetitive tasks we strive to not only bring a quick return on investment (ROI) but also to increase employee engagement by introducing new skills and knowledge.


Our in-house experts have a wealth of experience when it comes to packaging automation. Whether you’re looking for primary pack or secondary pack, we can create the optimal automated solutions that suit your product and production needs.

Using our industry knowledge, we’ll ensure you stay competitive when it comes to:


Case Packing




No matter your market sector or the complexity of your components, our engineers will develop tailored assembly solutions to meet your requirements, from proof of concept through to complete automated production lines.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

Continuous Motion

Rotary Indexing Systems

Assembly Lines

Linear Motion Technology

Ultrasonic Welding & Bonding Cells


There’s a reason why so many of our clients are from the life sciences industry. When it comes to dosing solutions, there’s very little our specialist team can’t do using the latest technology and data control.

Solutions include:

Liquid Dosing & Handling

Powder Dosing & Handling


Nothing escapes our expert technicians. Thanks to our ultra-modern applications, they are adept at component inspection, ensuring every intricate detail lives up to our high standards. Whatever the market sector, product type and automation function, we have got you covered.

Our technologies include:

Vision Inspection

Leak Detection

Weight Analysis

Flow Test


We have a proven track record in developing bespoke handling solutions for some of the world’s most high spec industries. From the high-speed processing of fragile medical devices to the assembly of innovative consumer products within a limited footprint, we build successful and efficient mechanisms to meet each customer’s specific needs.


Whether you aim to refresh an existing piece of equipment with some newer technology or to manufacture a new cell to your blueprints, then look no further. We can review designs in any digital format, ensuring you receive the highest levels of efficiency, customer care, and build quality throughout the process.

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