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Working alongside the largest ophthalmic companies, the PCE team have vast experience in intricate ocular automation processes. Our clean factory floor assembly areas are designed to handle clinically intricate contact lenses, intraocular lenses and eye drop solutions.

From stand-alone cells to complete lens assembly lines and primary and secondary packaging, we offer a vast array of revolutionary technologies to meet your application needs.

our experience:

High Speed Injection Moulding Takeout

Fill & Close


Delensing (Mechanical/Float Off)

Lens Handling

Dosing (Monomer/Saline)

Lathing (Load/Unload/Cut Profile)

Order Fulfillment

Fill and Flush (Wet Lens Cleaning)

Dry Inspection (Surface/Edge)

Wet Lens Inspection (AIS/GDD)

Specialist Inspection (Optocraft/ALR)

Cavity ID (Static/Inline)

Laser Marking (Moulds/Cartons)

Label Print & Apply (Blisters/Cartons)

Foil Sealing

Ocular Product Portfolio

Contact Lenses

Intraocular Lenses

Eye Drops

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