Market Sector

Life Sciences

When it comes to working in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, we’re well-equipped. Our clean factory floor assembly areas are designed for specialised life science automation processes, liquid handling, and made-to-order packaging of medical-grade products.

Every step of the way, we adhere to Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) and ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) standards, and our experienced technicians take meticulous care when testing equipment.

Working with pharmaceutical leaders and pioneers, we carry out extensive research and development to enhance traditional processes, allowing us to adopt cutting-edge technology to produce innovative medication fulfilment and inspection systems.

Our expert team ensures every solution adheres to clinical levels of excellence, offering speed, precision, and quality.


Component Feeding & Assembly

Forming & Cutting (Laser Technology & Mechanical Technology)

Bonding, Curing & Welding

Labelling, Printing & etching (Print and Apply)

Product Testing (Vision, Leak/Flow & Functional)

Filling & Dispensing

Primary Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Medical Device Portfolio

Glass syringes

Plastic Syringes






Ostomy Care

Cell Culture Dishes

PCR Plates

Medical Filters

Dry Powder Inhaler

Aerosol Inhaler


Do you have a life sciences brief you’d like us to handle? Send us a message and we’ll automate a solution together.

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