A vital aspect of any automation project is the after sales support and service. Our dedicated aftersales team ensure your investment is cared for year after year.


Delivery & installation

Our experience in automation installations is second to none, which is why we offer a wide range of support, covering everything from transport logistics to set-up and onsite engineering, to guarantee seamless machinery installation for your business.

Remote Support

Our dedicated remote support team are on hand to assist your technicians with troubleshooting equipment regardless of your location and time zone.

service contracts

Our dedicated service team are there to ensure optimum machine health and a greater return on your capital expenditure. We are always on hand to carry out regular maintenance on your equipment and unlike many automation companies we do not use production resources to fulfill this commitment, giving you the confidence, we have your back.

Health Check

Timely health checks can help us to evaluate the performance of your automation equipment and make strategic recommendations for continual improvement to boost your operational performance.


We’re here to make sure you stay competitive, so we can conduct advanced machinery upgrades to ensure your manufacturing is continuously scaled to match production needs.

Obsolescence Management

Our highly experienced after-sales team can track the stock levels of machine components and advise you in advance when they begin depleting.

Spare Parts

When sourcing spares from PCE, you reduce operational risk and equip your technicians with the correct spare parts package for continued optimum performance. Our spares packages are built upon our knowledge and experience with automation systems and lifecycle data from our alliance partners.

get in touch

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