Pre-Automation Services

Before working on the nuts and bolts of your manufacturing project, our skilled team will use their extensive knowledge of automation to scope and plan the right solution to your brief. This upfront innovation forms part of the PCE unique value proposition that has been developed in over 60 years of engineering evolution, proven to deliver on your functionality requirements, ROI goals and vision for the future.

At PCE, we carry out five stages of research and development:

research and development stages

Understanding requirements
Our technical team will liaise with you to understand your business needs and targets for equipment payback.
Study the processes
If it’s not already within our expansive portfolio of similar past projects, we’ll master the processes required to bring your vision to life, researching materials and your product range to ensure we provide optimal solutions.
Concept development
In-house experts will develop a concept to visualise the implementation of the equipment within your facilities. This stage brings greater clarity to the project timeline, the hardware used and the overall budget.
Once we’ve identified the build stages required, we use proof of concept to de-risk each process before commencing with the main automation project. This allows us to clarify the approach needed as well as the proposed timeline and budget and guarantees that the solution meets your needs.
Final proposal
By this stage, our applications team will have tested the concept and fine-tuned every area. The final proposal will be set out and we’ll present the 3D concept to you, outlining the complete functionality of the machine.


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