Once your automated machinery is up and running, we will be available to provide training so that your own technicians and operators become the subject matter experts.

our training offer


Creating the right environment for training is always key and we understand the time pressures when trying to learn within the customer workplace. We have seen increased results when clients send their operators or technicians to visit PCE during factory acceptance to run the automation in a relaxed non-production environment. Simulated alarm conditions can be created for fault finding exercises with a mix of mechanical, electrical, and software-based exercises depending on the clientele and skillset.

Site training

Our knowledgeable staff will spend time with your team, providing them with the essential knowledge they need to run new or updated automation machinery. Training can be scheduled or repeated to meet our customers’ working patterns.

Remote training

Online demonstrations and training sessions can be organised remotely, allowing us to consult and advise on processes and best practices that will equip your colleagues with the skills needed to operate and maintain your automated system.

Video Instruction

To increase the longevity of our training sessions, we can provide demonstrative videos, subtitled in your local language. You can then make these accessible via your machinery or through your staff or customer portal, to provide others with the required skills.

Training Benefits

Enhanced Knowledge Base

Each training option will be specifically tailored to you, to ensure your operators can become proficient in all areas of the machine as quickly as possible, minimising knowledge gaps, resource costs and production time.

Optimum Productivity

PCE’s training platforms will empower your team by decreasing machine changeover times, enhancing productivity, and allowing them to handle operations in a way which enables peak performance.


If you have specific requirements, our ‘build your own’ training packages allow us to tailor the output to your exacting needs.

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