Planes completos de reurbanización de PCE para instalaciones adquiridas

PCE Automation ha completado los planes de reurbanización de la primera etapa para las instalaciones adquiridas en marzo.

On the 7th of November, PCE formally opened their new production facilities, named the Bryan Cook Engineering Centre, to commemorate Bryan Cook’s 60 years of dedication to PCE Automation, which laid the foundation for an enduring legacy of innovation and excellence.

 Acquired in March of 2023, the facilities have undergone a complete renovation, with PCE investing heavily in the site to create an additional purpose-built production unit for the development of intricate machinery that adheres to clinical levels of excellence. 

Phase 1 of the refurbishment has seen a complete overhaul and modernisation of the overall infrastructure of the building, including the removal of walls to enlarge the assembly capacity of the unit. Commencement of production within this unit is underway and will house a landmark order for PCE.

The next stage of development is also underway and will further increase PCE’s production space.

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